Terms of Service 服務條款

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Service Objective:
- To be a E2G Web 2.0 Enabled Social Enterprise 2.0.
- To be the Pro Media Tech Web with "Full Set" of "Digital Media Production" Services.

Service Experience and On-Going Planning:
- Help to promote Cheer & Dance with experience: "Cheer Dance since 2003", "Dance since 19xx" and "Media Production since 19xx", so that all people "in this World" can view the performance and competitions in HK.
- Help to coordinate Performance with different Organizations to promote Cheer and Dance.
- Help to co-organize Competitions with Organizations so as to promote Cheer and Dance Culture.
- Coordinate with World Cheers and Dance Lovers with Facebook, YouTube, etc.
- Open Cheer Courses http://course.hkcheerleading.tk by having Cheerleading Coach Certification.

Hong Kong [email protected]:
- Search "Hong Kong Cheerleading"
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