Recruitment 招攬/招募

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DMP Club (Dance, Movie, Photo) aims to be a Global Social Enterprise 2.0.
At this moment, we can only recruit Volunteer, Freelance Instructor/Coach and any Meetup Co-organizer(s).

If you are:
1. Volunteer - You hope to learn and share your abilities, etc.
- Forum Admin, Cheer Promotor, Media Producer, etc.
2. Freelance Instructor (Any Dance) / Coach - You can teach Cheer Dance or any other dance, etc.
3. Meetup Co-organizer - You can hold a Meetup in any topic(s) and provide quality service. You can be Makeup Artist, Popular Model/Shooting Girl, Professional Producer, etc.
4. Any other position(s) can be discussed upon request such as committee.

Please read Constitution to know more:-
Meetup Type: Free and Fee
Dance Style: Quality Dance Course(s) and may be captured for sharing.

You can send Info by asking for the Form.
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