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Membership start again from September 2008.
If you are interested in:
1. Creativity - You can share and find out how to make your dream come true.
2. Media Production (Being shot) - You may get your own Profile to show your Performance and Changes.
3. Hypnotherapy - You can use Unlimited Personal Power to change and do anything you don't believe.
4. NLP - You will know the World Secret.
5. Personal Enhancement - You can be CEO, Director, Bill Gates, etc.
6. Dance - You may find out the Best Sport/Entertainment.
7. Knowledge+ in Web 2.0 Generation - You can create anything and solve anything easily.

Please read Constitution to know more:-
Membership Type: Free and Fee
Membership Requirement: Positive Thinking, with Cheer Spirit or Olympism prefered but not essential.

You can send Info by asking for the Form.
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