Media - (Digital Media Production) 媒體製作

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The DMP Service(s) can provide:
1. Fast and Acceptable Quality of Photo (8.1MP / 14.1MP) and Video (1280 HD/1920 Full HD/4K) Shooting. (Depends on time and actual case.)
(Latest Samples can be seen in Blogs under HKCC and "YouTube".)

2. The Full Package of DMP (Web+Video+Photo) Service(s) for cooperated Performance Team(s). (Depends on actual cooperation terms.)

3. Course(s) with media support in Dance or Multimedia. (Planning)

4. Any other Service(s) upon request by discussion.
AND to cooperate with any parties to hold any Ad-Hoc Project(s), Competition(s), etc.

For more :
Please send Info by Contact Form.
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