Disclaimer 免責聲明

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1. Content: All material posted here and in Blog(s)/Forum(s)/Board(s) related are for reference only. Contents are subject to change at any time without any further notice.
1. 內容:所有張貼在此及相關網誌、論壇的內容只供參考,內容如有任何更改,恕不作另行通知。

2. All material produced by "DMP Club" are prohibited for any commercial purpose.
2. 所有由本會製作的資料嚴禁作任何形式的商業用途,惟者必究。

3. Contact: We do not have any responsibilities for any loses due to the inappropriate usage of the contact method, do not follow instructions to send required information and the failure of the official email accounts.
3. 聯絡:任何因錯誤使用電郵、不根據指示適當地傳送所需資料及主要電郵失去功能而導致的任何損失,本會既不負責。

4. Language: The language chosen for posting is depended on content and needs. If Bilingual Languages are used, the appropriate content will depends on English Version.
4. 語言:因應內容及需要而選擇合適的張貼語言,如雙語(中、英)都被選用,內容的準確性將以英文為準。
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