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"DMP Club (Dance, Movie, Photo) 舞影攝會" was founded in 2006.

DMP Club was begun by starting a Blog Prototype since Jan 2005. In 2006, after adding the Cheerleading element, it was registered as a non-profit making organization by the end of 2006. We target to promote the Creativity Culture, especially in Dance, Movie, Photography and Cheerleading. Its subsidiaries "Hong Kong Cheerleading Coordination" and "Hong Kong Cheer Team" are major in promoting Cheerleading Culture so that Hong Kong Cheerleading Dance can be combined with Hong Kong Sports. They can contribute in Olympic Games and Asia Games and also hope to cheer up Hong Kong.


Constitution Below Updated as at 25 August 2008:

- Vision:
- 目標:
To promote supreme creativity, media and dance culture in Hong Kong.

- Mission:
- 宗旨:
1. To provide Funny Exchange Functional Meetups for members to share, so that they can learn the experience that cannot get from outside.
1. 提供更多新奇有趣的活動及聚會給所有會員去交流,從而學習到學校不能學到的知道及經驗。
2. Be a Learning Platform, let all to explore Group Power.
2. 作為一個教育平台,讓大家發揮人群的力量,學得更快更廣。
3. Be an Unlimited Creativity Platform, let all remove Limits so as to expose Unlimited Creativity.
3. 作為一個無限創意平台,給大家去消除自己的限制,引發無限創意。
4. Be a Dancing Platform, to connect all Dance Lovers.
4. 作為一個舞平台,去聯繫所有愛舞之人,跳得舞出色。
5. To promote the Arts of "Lovely", not only beautiful in the world.
5. 宣揚可愛精神,世上不是只有美麗的人。
6. To continue "Secondary Schools IT Training Scheme", train more talents.
6. 延續「中學IT 培育計劃」,去培育更多人才。
7. To solve members' problems, so that we do not have anything need to solve more.
7. 解決會員的問題,令大家再沒有未解決的事情。
8. To provide a "Knowledge, Creativity & Health" Website, let all lives are Valuable.
8. 提供一個集「知識、創意及健康」的網站,讓大家的人生更豐盛。
9. Let all Hongkongers have the spirit of "DMP", to achieve more challenge in the future.
9. 令香港所有人都有「舞影攝」精神,去迎接未來的挑戰。
10. To be a Web 2.0 Social Enterprise and facilities all Globalization Opportunities.
10. 成為一個網絡2.0 的社會企業,從而善用全球化可能帶來的機遇。

- Promotion and Development Planning:
- 未來發展動向:
1. To organize functions for members depends on the interests of them.
1. 組織活動給會員藉以推廣文化。
2. To cooperate and coordinate with other parties to organize competitions and functions.
2. 與其他機構聯絡及合作藉以組織比賽、活動推廣本會。
3. To help subsidiaries in promotion and development.
3. 幫助附屬機構推廣及發展。

- Membership Requirements:
- 入會資格及退會方法:
1. For Creative members: Write an introduction to describe why they want to join.
1. 創意會員:編寫一段入會原因的簡介。
2. For Full-Time Student members: HK$50 per year. Bank-in the money and then send us the Bank-in slip with application form with Valid Student ID Card Copy by E-mail.
2. 普通全日制學生會員:年費港幣五十元正,連同入數紙及申請表及有效學生 証副本以電郵形式交回。
3. For Normal members: HK$100 per year. Bank-in the money and then send us the Bank-in slip with application form by E-mail.
3. 普通會員:年費港幣一百元正,連同入數紙及申請表以電郵形式交回。
4. For VIP members: HK$1,000 per year who can be arranged the time to pay and get the official receipt.
4. VIP 會員:年費港幣一千元正,可安排見面付款及發出有效收據。
5. For Honorable members: HK$10,000 or above per year who can be arranged the time to pay and get the official receipt.
5. 榮譽會員:年費港幣一萬元正或以上,可安排見面付款及發出有效收據。
6. To remove the membership: Send the notification letter by e-mail. The membership fee cannot be refunded.
6. 會員退會:以電郵形式交回申請,所有入會費用不會退回。

* The Membership above may include Subsidiaries Membership which may be launched in DMP Club Membership Promotion.
* 以上會員資格可能包含附屬機構的會籍,將會在「舞影攝會」會員推廣提及。

舞影攝會 DMP Club (Dance, Movie, Photo)

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